Alerts designed for Vercel logs.

Get notified about errors and deploy fixes faster.

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Alerts straight to your inbox.

Alerts are easy to set up and get delivered right to your email so you can act on issues immediately.

Use any keyword to get notified about log events.

Alerts are triggered when a specific keyword (such as "error") appears in your logs.

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Get alerts for build logs too.

Get notified if a new Vercel deployment fails.

No-code installation.

Get started with just a few clicks.

Free forever. Upgrade only when you need it.

A typical project receives about 500 log events daily.

YearlyGet 2 months free!
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Log events scanned dailyAfter this limit, you will no longer get alerts2,5005,00010,00035,000110,0001,000,000unlimited
Priority supportGuaranteed response within 24 hours


How many log events does a typical project get per day?

The median number of log events is around 500 per day. This means most projects can use the free tier forever!

What happens when I reach my plan's limit of daily log events?

After the limit, you will not get alerts until the next day. We'll notify you if this happens, so you can choose to upgrade your plan.

Do I get alerts in real time?

We check and send alerts every minute. You can adjust the max frequency of alert emails with any of the paid plans.

Can I get alerts based on multiple keywords?

Yes! You can create complex filters that alert you when any one of multiple specific keywords are found in logs, as well as exclude specific keywords.

Can I get notifications through Slack?

We currently only support email notifications, but you can set up a custom email for your Slack channel:

Are logs stored?

Logalert will email you log messages when we find specific logs that match your alerts. We do not store your logs.

How many log events does Logalert process daily?

We process tens of millions of log events daily. Our log drains employ high-speed scanning so you can get alerted fast.

I have a question or feature suggestion!

We are actively improving this service and would love your feedback! Please email us at

Get started with just a few clicks.

One minute setup; a lifetime of log scanning.